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Typical production workflow

Usually, when video footage was obtained, editors need to tag notable moments to allow quick navigation once it gets to the editing. These tags might highlight well-known people (like politicians, actors, athletes), common objects, locations, emotions, spoken words, keywords, topics, brands, and other interesting things. Needless to say that this task is time consuming, costly and a less pleasant activity. Machine Learning and Computer Vision can help to tag your videos and make your production workflow more efficient and faster.

AI-powered Video Editing

Because the AI saves time editorializing videos, it allows you to spend more time being creative. It is not biased towards the type of information it might find in a video and treats every video the same. Human editors might only tag information he or she thinks is important. The AI doesn't work like that and usually ends up extracting much more information. With access to more information per video and more time available for creativity, we have developed tools to maximize your creativity.


Sports Highlights

Produce sports highlights with less hassle. Most sports content is published live and producing and publishing highlights can be a challenge. Because the AI has access to the information extracted from the video, it can review and conclude if certain events are described inside the structured data . This way it can help to qualify interesting moments, like by detecting goals and allow production teams to focus on creative tasks.

Automated Trailers & Summaries

Reviewing some of the most trusted movie guides and video platforms show that only around 4.5% of all movies, TV shows, TV specials, and similar long-form content has an official trailer . Yet, when we look at the latest and greatest video platforms they require great visuals like key-arts, title images, and trailers. AI can help you produce short trailers . Automated trailers can be a great visual substitute where official trailers are not available or too expensive to produce.

Compose great stories

The amount of information extracted by the AI can be overwhelming and sometimes even have the opposite effect, not knowing what to do with all the information now being accessible. Our goal is not just to save time and bring in efficiencies but to allow editors to make the most of their time and maximize their creativity . With the AI and the editing tools we provide, it becomes very easy to find interesting moments in your videos and compose great stories .

Complexity made simple

From the moment you upload your video to our service, we want your experience to be as smooth as possible. We take care of the complex infrastructure required to ingest videos, apply Machine Learning and Computer Vision, encode the output videos and provide an API to allow automation between your backend and our system. Whenever you decide to compose new stories leveraging the information extracted by the AI, we provide a great web interface designed from the ground up with your use cases in mind.


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